Hi, I’m Ally.

Fashion has been my true love for as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I styled my Barbies for hours from head to high-heeled toe, created paper dolls with fabulous wardrobes, and devoured any fashion magazine I could get my hands on. In seventh grade, I took a Home Economics sewing class and after failing miserably, swore I would never sew again. But that experience didn’t kill my love of fashion. In high school, I worked during the summers for one reason only—to buy a new back-to-school wardrobe. My senior year, a friend and I even vowed we would meet again in 10 years and open a clothing boutique together.

Well, that never happened.

Instead, I went to cosmetology school and became a hair stylist. No, I didn’t have a passion for hair—though I do love all things beauty-related. But I did want an immediate career, and that’s exactly what I got. A couple years later, I was ready to move on and went back to school, a little lost, thinking I might try a career in the music industry. Let’s just say that was not my calling!

But—it did lead me to an intensive and highly respected apparel design program. I had no idea something like that even existed! To be accepted, I had to take a sewing class. Never say never. This time I did pass, and that program changed everything. I excelled in ways I never had before and found what I was meant to do in life. During college I got married, and my husband and I thought we would eventually move to San Francisco and open a boutique. But after graduation, I was offered a job at a high-end golf wear company for men where I had interned throughout school. They created a position just for me as a liaison between the Design & Production department. I knew in my heart this wasn’t where I truly wanted to be, but I had to take it.

During that time, I realized I had to make a choice: Pursue the career I really wanted in fashion—or have children. I knew that for me, it was one or the other. I can only go all-in on one thing at a time. Once I commit, I am fiercely committed. I chose to have my two children and stay home to raise them. My commitment to each was an entire18 years. And it was a decision I will never regret.

But that doesn’t mean I forgot about fashion.

I may have been a “soccer mom,” but I certainly wasn’t going to dress like one. I no longer had the time or desire to design clothes, but I still loved to shop for them. For years, my one and only place to go was the iconic Bebe. Everyone in my life knew it. Bebe was me—on trend, fashion-forward, sexy, glamourous, classy, edgy, cool. Great quality. Unique designs. Affordable prices. Employees who felt like friends. When Bebe closed their storefront doors, I was crushed. The Bebe experience was an inspiration then and now.

Fast forward. My kids are grown with lives of their own. And I’m ready to revive my younger self’s dream. I’ve come to realize that I never would have been ready before this, but it is also not too late to start. My vision is clear, my passion is alive, and I’m ready to give it everything I’ve got for as long as I’ve got. Fashion and style—they’re a sixth sense for me. A feeling within. A form of self-expression. I don’t believe in age limits on fashion or in old fashion rules. If it makes you feel beautiful, sexy, powerful, confident, happy, then wear it. I understand and can relate to females of all ages. Through fashion, I want to inspire and encourage them. I want to make personal connections. My passion to do that is just as deep as the clothes themselves.

With a brick-and-mortar location to come in Naples, Florida, I am excited for this journey. Please join me and become a part of my fashion family.